Nucleus Nano II: The Cinematic Navigator for Your Visionary Journey 29.Jul.2023

Nucleus Nano II: The Cinematic Navigator for Your Visionary Journey

In the ever-evolving world of filmmaking, lens control systems play a pivotal role in achieving smooth and precise shots. One such innovation that has captured the attention of professionals and enthusiasts alike is the Nucleus Nano II Lens Control System. With its compact design and cutting-edge features, the Nucleus Nano II empowers filmmakers to take their craft to new heights. In this blog post, we will explore the functionalities and advantages of this remarkable lens control system and how it elevates the art of filmmaking.

Seamless Wireless Follow Focus

The Nucleus Nano II introduces a seamless wireless follow focus system that allows filmmakers to precisely control their camera's focus remotely. Its compact motor attaches easily to the lens, and the ergonomic wireless handwheel provides smooth and accurate focus adjustments, even from a distance. This feature is particularly invaluable for capturing moving subjects or executing complex shots that demand precise focus pulling.

Versatility and Compatibility

One of the standout features of the Nucleus Nano II is its remarkable compatibility with a wide range of camera setups. Whether it's a mirrorless camera, a DSLR, or a cinema camera, this support system seamlessly integrates with various models, making it a versatile tool for filmmakers using different equipment. Additionally, the Nucleus Nano II can be adapted to a wide array of camera rigs, gimbals, and stabilizers, allowing for a seamless workflow on any production.

Simplified Setup and Calibration

Gone are the days of time-consuming and complex setup procedures. The Nucleus Nano II is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring a streamlined calibration process that ensures quick and hassle-free integration with your camera system. This means more time can be dedicated to capturing the perfect shot rather than configuring the equipment.

Precise Focus Marking and Repeatable Moves

The Nucleus Nano II elevates the level of precision in focus marking, allowing filmmakers to create repeatable moves with ease. The focus wheel comes equipped with a marking disc, enabling users to mark specific focus points accurately. This feature is particularly useful for scenes with intricate choreography or when filmmakers need to execute consistent focus transitions during multiple takes.

Compact and Portable Design

In the dynamic world of filmmaking, mobility is key. The Nucleus Nano II's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up, whether on a busy film set or on location in challenging terrains. Its unobtrusive form factor ensures that the camera support system seamlessly integrates with your setup without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial consideration for any filmmaking equipment. The Nucleus Nano II boasts an impressive battery life, allowing for extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent recharging. This reliability ensures that filmmakers can focus on their creative vision without worrying about interruptions due to power constraints.


The Nucleus Nano II Lens Control System emerges as a game-changer in the realm of filmmaking equipment. Its wireless follow focus, compatibility with various camera systems, and simplified setup processes streamline the filmmaking workflow and enable creators to focus on storytelling without technical distractions. With precise focus control, repeatable moves, and a portable design, the Nucleus Nano II empowers filmmakers to push the boundaries of their craft and capture cinematic moments with unmatched precision and artistry. As technology continues to advance, this support system stands as a testament to the ever-expanding possibilities in the pursuit of visual storytelling excellence.

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