Kondor Blue's New “MONDO-TIES” Cable Management System for Video and Cinema Rigs 10.Jul.2023

Kondor Blue's New “MONDO-TIES” Cable Management System for Video and Cinema Rigs

Introducing the latest innovation from Kondor Blue: Mondo-Ties. This unassuming little clip is set to revolutionize the lives of filmmakers, live streamers, and anyone dealing with a multitude of cables. Developed in collaboration with renowned YouTuber Armando Ferreira (Mondobytes), Mondo-Ties offer significant quality-of-life improvements.

Mondo-Ties are essentially 1/4-20" mounted cable ties that securely hold your cables in place, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires. By screwing them into the 1/4-20" sockets on your cage or other hardware, you can keep your cables neatly organized and prevent them from flapping around.

Although it may seem like a small solution, Mondo-Ties elegantly address a common problem. Personally, I often find myself relying on hook and loop strips to secure cables to my camera rig, but this often prolongs disassembly and reassembly. In contrast, Mondo-Ties, as demonstrated in the video below, offer quick adjustments, making them highly efficient on set.

Each pack of Mondo-Ties contains either five or ten clips, conveniently stored in a zip-up pouch to keep them together. Additionally, an Allen key is included to tighten the 1/4-20" bolt securely into your cage, camera, or other hardware with a matching socket. In the accompanying video, Armando showcases various prototype designs that were explored before arriving at the final version. He also demonstrates the impressive strength of the final design by effortlessly lifting his entire ~20lb camera rig with just one Mondo-Tie.

While it is true that one could design and 3D print a similar solution, it would lack the robustness of an injection-molded solid part like Mondo-Ties. 3D-printed alternatives are susceptible to breaking due to print orientation and visible layer lines, especially when subjected to excessive strain from cables. Furthermore, in cases of strong tugs on the cables, a printed option would provide little protection to the plugs or camera sockets.

Mondo-Ties also prove highly useful for camera monitors and live streaming switchers, such as the YoloBox Pro, which often require multiple cables (power, video in and out, audio in and out, etc.) when used with a cage equipped with numerous 1/4-20" sockets.

Image reference: https://kondorblue.com/pages/mondoties