Tilta Basic Ring Grip Plus vs Advanced Ring Grip 10.Jul.2023

Tilta Basic Ring Grip Plus vs Advanced Ring Grip

When it comes to optimizing your filmmaking experience, Tilta's ring grips are a game-changer. These innovative accessories offer not just one, but two points of contact, giving you better control and stability. Whether you prefer mechanical or control handles, Tilta has you covered.

One of the standout features of Tilta's ring grips is the inclusion of electronic contact points on both the top and bottom. This enables effortless mounting of V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plates, providing a reliable power source for your equipment. Additionally, each ring grip comes with a power supply module mount, offering a convenient spot to attach monitors or other accessories. With a built-in battery handle, Tilta's ring grips not only power the grip itself but also provide a top handle for easy operation of low angle shots. Plus, kickstands at the bottom allow you to securely set the grip down when not in use.

Let's take a closer look at the different options available:

1. Basic Ring Grip Plus: This model is an upgraded version of the original Basic Ring Grip, constructed from lightweight aluminum. Tilta has made slight adjustments to the manufacturing process, making it even lighter and closer in weight to the Advanced Ring Grip. The Basic Ring Grip Plus is fully compatible with all other ring grip accessories, making it a fantastic choice for both upgrading your existing rig and building a future-proof setup.

2. Basic Ring Grip Plus Control Kit: For those seeking advanced control functionality, the Basic Ring Grip Plus Control Kit is the way to go. It includes the same frame as the Basic Ring Grip Plus but also features a new control handle that offers similar functionality to the Advanced Ring Grip. Equipped with a joystick for tilt and pan control, an M key for adjusting settings, and a record button for gimbal control, this kit provides enhanced versatility. Additionally, a front trigger allows for easy adjustment of the gimbal's position. While the pairing process may differ slightly from the other models, Tilta provides clear instructions in a video format.

3. Advanced Ring Grip: If you're looking for the ultimate lightweight and advanced option, the Advanced Ring Grip is the perfect choice. Constructed from carbon fiber, it is not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. The Advanced Ring Grip comes with two control handles, each offering unique functionalities. One handle features a joystick for tilt and pan control and a dial function capable of controlling Nucleus motors, DJI motors, and the gimbal itself. The other handle boasts two focus wheels, providing precise control over focus, iris, zoom, and tilt and pan operations. With the Advanced Ring Grip, a single operator can achieve unparalleled control, making it the most comprehensive setup currently available.

In summary, Tilta's ring grips offer filmmakers a range of options for optimizing their shooting experience. The Basic Ring Grip Plus serves as an excellent lightweight and customizable upgrade, while the Control Kit adds advanced control options. For those who desire the utmost in functionality, the Advanced Ring Grip is the top choice. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, Tilta's ring grips are designed to enhance your creative process and deliver outstanding results.